Back at it…

Well, hello again!

It’s been a year since I’ve written anything. The inventory from Gathered has either been sold or absorbed into my stash of home décor, my family has grown by one more sweet baby boy, and we are all settled into our new home in Nashville, TN.

I am not currently designing events, or doing anything with flowers. However, I am {between changing diapers and folding laundry} staring at blank walls and empty rooms wondering what I should do to our new home. And – itching to do something creative again 😉

So, I thought I might share the journey on the Gathered blog. My thoughts during a typical day revolve around family, parenting, friendships, my faith, and projects. My style will probably always be somewhat vintage and collected looking, so if you like that style you may get some new ideas for your own space. But beware! The ideas that come out on my walls are all connected to other thoughts and ideas about the fore mentioned subjects. So, this blog will be the spill-over of all those thoughts plus where I’m headed with my design ideas.

Now! All of that said…there is not a single room in my entire home that is “done.” I really feel a sense of urgency to get the nursery done {although at this point, I’m not sure why? Wyatt is going on 6 months old and has been perfectly happy sleeping in a pack and play next to my bed!} so that is the first project. My goal for this week is to finish up some sewing projects, painting projects, and get a few things hung on the walls in his room.

Wyatt’s nursery is all cream colors, a light grey/green color, and accents of peacock blue with a vintage explorer theme. Here’s a few photos from a pinterest board I made to get the ideas flowing:





Wyatt's Vintage Explorer Nursery



Wyatts Room

Pictures of baby Wyatt’s nursery coming soon!

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