A long time coming…

This post has been quite a long time coming. I’m sure everyone wondered if I fell off the edge of the earth after my last event in December…and the answer is no, I didn’t!

However, I did pack up my house, put it all in storage, pack up all of Gathered Vintage Rentals and put it in a warehouse in Maryland, move to South Carolina, then back to Maryland, found out I was pregnant with No.2 {yay!}, and in 2 weeks will pack up a Penske truck and move to Nashville!!!!!!! So thats where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! Oh..and I squeezed in just one more Kentucky Derby themed event last week that turned out super cute! Should I post pictures? 🙂

My husbands job is bouncing us here and there and all around for the next couple of years making it next to impossible to continue running Gathered. Not to mention I now have a very active toddler in tow, and one on the way that is significantly slowing me down these days. All of these factors combined with a move to a new city lead me to the very sad decision to step back from Gathered. This is why I have been declining all events in 2013 and beyond, and currently do not have plans to take anymore. {But who knows whats in store for me in Nashville?!}

So are you ready for the good news?! Everything you’ve seen on my website {you may have noticed it went down at the end of 2012}, this blog, and my Gathered Facebook page will be FOR SALE!

Our *HUGE MOVING SALE* will be:
Friday, June 21 & Saturday, June 22 10-5 or until its all gone!
Good Neighbor Enterprises
609 South Main Street
Woodsboro, MD 21798


Hope to see you there!!!