pennant banners and cupcakes

Cash and I took a trip out west to visit some friends last week, and we just so happened to make it for Juliet’s first birthday party! My best friend, Ashley, and I were up until midnight making cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting, pink polka dot pennant banners, and coffee filter fouf’s to hang from the tree’s at her outdoor party.

In the middle of our crafting and baking, Ashley told me I should write a tutorial on making a pennant banner. So here goes…

Go to your local craft store (we went to a JoAnn’s Fabric’s) and pick up:

Some fabric

Something to use as string (twine, yarn, ric rac, ribbon…)

Hot glue gun & glue

I wanted to do a banner with mix & match colors and patterns, so we bought 3 Fabric Quarters. They are small cuts of fabric, 18″ x 21″ that are sold for quilters but they are perfect and inexpensive for little crafts like this. If you want to make a banner using all the same fabric, it’s probably less expensive to buy a half yard or so of cut fabrics. (Don’t forget to look at the sale fabrics! You could score big! 🙂

Then, you cut out your pennants. I created a little template using my wicked oragami skills (sarcasm folks). No rulers needed here!

Grab a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper from your printer. Fold it in half.

Fold it in half again.

Turn it longwise and fold it in half. Fold it in half again.

Open up your paper. You should see 16 little square’s in the folds.

Then, fold just the outer two quarters in half (long ways) so that the top is in eighths.

Now we have the perfect width for the top of the pennant!

Tuck under the last quarter of the paper (widthwise) so that we get a length that is 3/4 of the paper.

Ok, last fold I promise! Now we’re going to make a diagonal fold from the center of the bottom to the outer corner in the top. Do that to both sides. When you unfold your paper you have a triangle template to cut out your pennants!

I got about 8 triangles out of each 18″ x 21″ square. Once you get all your pieces cut out, lay them out on a table or the floor how you want them. Take your hot glue gun and glue them down to your string. With this banner, I glued the ric rac to the front since it was so cute! I’ve made one with twine before, and that one I glued the twine to the back of the fabric.

We made two longer banners for the trees, and one short one for the front of the table

Isn’t she precious? Happy 1st Birthday JuJu!

Do not understimate the sneakiness of a green pearl sprinkle. They like to roll off the icing!


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