farmers market

I love relaxed Saturday mornings that begin with either a trip to the flea market or the farmers market. Thankfully, we are heading into that season again! I have not made it to the farmers market yet this season. Am I the only one that forgets about it, goes to the store and stocks up on produce, only to come home and remember, but then can’t go buy fresh because my refridgerator is already packed with fruits and veggies? Maybe I should make some little sign to hang on the fridge to remind me to wait to shop until the weekend!

I have been wanting to get an ergo carrier for Cash because he is getting too heavy for his moby wrap. I finally ordered one for his birthday { I guess that counts as a birthday present? he loves being carried around! } and I am excited to try it out at the farmers market this coming weekend!

I realized I never shared all the photos from a farmers market themed shoot I did with Grace Gladhill last fall. It was so much fun to gather up a bunch of produce, flowers, and pastries and pull it all together with some vintage props!

{old door hung from bed sheets}

{fresh from the garden feast complete with old milk bottle’s as drinking glasses, and homemade jam favors}

{sunflower and crabapple bouquet. ask me about our floral services!}


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