display friday { happy 1st birthday lovebug }

my baby is turning one on sunday. I think I’ve said it at least 100 times in the last month, but I really can’t believe he’s turning one.  I may have even cried once or twice thinking about how fast the time is going. Next thing I know he’ll be waving goodbye to me as he gets on the bus for kindergarten. I’ve already determined that Joe will be taking off work for Cash’s first day of kindergarten, because Mama is gonna need some moral support!

I’ve been crafting, cleaning, and decorating all week in preparation for his puppy dog birthday party this weekend and wanted to share some pictures of where I put the favor bags for all the little’s coming over. My friend Elisa came over on Tuesday to help me get it painted and distressed. She wanted to see how I do my painting thing because her in laws have promised her a house full of antiques { lucky duck! } that she plans to cutify. I think I just made up a word.

I painted my little cabinet an aqua color for the first layer, and white second. I’m thinking now I liked it better aqua. What do you think? {see the rim around the glass? thats the aqua color it was. }

This little cabinet is such a cute way to display favors, to use a drink/snack station, candy buffet, cupcake or desserts, or for escort cards. I recently saw this picture of a little cabinet stuffed with quilts and blankets for an outdoor lounge. {can you imagine what a welcome sight a cabinet stuffed full of blankets would be at an outdoor fall wedding?! }  I found a few pictures during my web surfing adventures to help you conjure up some ideas…

I have lots more to show & tell you about Cash’s puppy dog birthday party, and I want to introduce you to my new friend Gretchen from 3 Little Monkey’s Studio! Have a great weekend everybody! See you next week!

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